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Not for Profits

There are many types of Not-For-Profits. Many have charitable status, but most don’t. While there many be thousands of different operations and purposes for existing, there are also many things in common when it comes to insurance and risk.

  • Board Directors and senior staff (Officers) are at risk personally for their actions when things go wrong.
  • Directors and Officers have a legal and fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of the NFP and as a reasonable and prudent Director/Office would. Good Governance is key.
  • NFPs raise or earn money for their social purpose and are accountable to members/stakeholders and regulators for how it is earned, and how it is spent and accounted for.
  • The operations of NFPs are varied and sometimes complex and high risk.
  • Many NFPs have very limited income and have difficulty allocating it in an effective manner.
  • Volunteers are hard to recruit, retain, train and manage. They could get hurt or cause harm or damage to others.

Although many NFPs are small, there are always risks to the organization, and to the good people who work for or volunteer for them.

  • Protection from these risks is key to attracting and retaining Directors, staff, volunteers, participants, sponsors and donors.
  • Protection is key to sustainability and success.
  • Protection is key to raising/earning money.
  • Protection is key to peace of mind.

At Optimized Insurance, we know NFPs better than anyone.

  • Decades of governance and volunteer experience in very large and small, local and international NFPs.
  • We’ve written and presented extensively about and to NFPs about risk management, insurance and governance.
  • We are donors, supporters and sponsors of numerous NFPs.

What Optimized Offers NFPs

  • A deeper understanding of what you do, why and how you do it.
  • An understanding of your risk and how to protect against it.
  • Exceptional insurance products at rates within the smallest NFP’s budget.
  • Risk management and governance expertise and materials to help make your organization safer and avoid losses.

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